Jillian L. Nowlan
Children's Book Author
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About the Author
Jillian L. Nowlan grew up in a small town in Western Massachusetts and graduated from Bentley University, just outside Boston.  After a fulfilling career in the financial industry, she resigned to stay at home and settle into her new role as mom.  She has since enjoyed writing children's books and enriching young ones' imaginations.  Jillian lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband, Marc, and their two sons, Garrett and Grayson.  

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An author visit is an interactive and educational way to add fun to reading!  A school visit includes a reading, signing, movement activity and discussion.  Have a book sale and a portion of the proceeds goes directly to your school! 
​"The Car Collection" is a charming and whimsical adventure that will surely become a family favorite!  This story takes you on a journey with ten friends and one man whose love of cars is shared with the entire community!  This story about friendship and sharing also focuses on counting and color fundamentals.  Enjoy the ride!
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​"My Propeller Plane" is a rhythmic bedtime story that takes you in all directions and then back to your pillow to dream up another adventure!  Sweet dreams!
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